No benefit from Lazy-Loading

NOTE:For system specs see here

Hitting the wall with Lazy-Loading…

This is a short entry for making a note that lazy-loading(mentioned in this post) won’t be useful in improving the startup time. On the contrary it increased the python-startup-time.Here’s some statistics:

  • Original python -> "python -c "python -c '4' 0.01s user 0.00s system 99% cpu 0.017 total

As with more replacements:

  • Modified version -> "./python -c '4' 0.02s user 0.00s system 98% cpu 0.024 total" "./python -c '4' 0.03s user 0.00s system 99% cpu 0.026 total" "./python -c '4' 0.03s user 0.00s system 99% cpu 0.032 total "


  • This by no means shows that Lazy-Loading is not useful, actually it’s a kinda essnetial for “real-world applications” that do a lot of early import.For example bazaar does this in production [see bzr].
  • I’m now working on fat-python(I have stopped now as Victor suggested).
Written on June 28, 2017